Zsigóné Kati

„The Queen of Eggs-decorating”

Decorated pots

        1. I decorate painted plates and vases with Kalocsa folk motives. They can be really nice. Many people buy them, Hungarian and foreigners as well. I usually work onto terracotta pots formed with my own hands on pottery wheel. Generally I paint colourful flowers onto black, blue or white basis. Painted vases and plates; are prepared with lacquered or unlacquered surface. They are mainly bought as present ideas.

         2. Scratched pots prepared by only few maufacturers are more beautiful and have stable value, like painted ones. However they are more expensive than painted ones, but they suit perfectly to all kinds of furniture, therefore scratched plates and vases are bought by more and more people. 

Terracotta pots generally get a primary colour, however it’s not always the situation.

         I scrape immediately with freehands some kind of folk motive onto them, - according to claims.

My favourites are tulips, stars and Sárközi samples. Painted eggs and Easter eggs are different, because on plates and vases there is significantly bigger place for development of patterns. Because of this you can magic amazingly beautiful things onto them.

Their measure varies, you can find plates and vases from little size to big ones, e.g. floor vase.

I decorate them separately from each other, so there aren’t two with the same motive. It occurs, people want me to write the presentee’s name, a little rhyme or personal text onto them.

Painted and scratched plates and vases are not only beautiful, but eternal memories. They are WORTH TO BUY AS PRESENT OR ALSO HOME DECORATION.

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