Zsigóné Kati

„The Queen of Eggs-decorating”

My introduction  


My art stems from the love of my roots, and is now fuelled by the love of my family and the people around me.


-      Creation is a joy for me because I can fulfil myself in it.

-      Living with folk art is vital in my life, as is laughter.

-      I would hug every Person, just let there be some who reciprocates.

-      Motherhood and Love are important to me, but both need to be coupled with Friendship.

-      My biggest values: the love of people, and when one can get lost in my creation.                               

-      Humble love will make everything we touch grand.

-      I serve the Creator, my loved ones, art, and my country.                 

-      We have to believe that as long as we are alive, even the most hopeless situation can change for the better.

-      For me, family is a form of community where I can completely fulfil myself. I feel this after 43 years of marriage. My Husband is my love, my everything. He gave me everything that is good in life; I achieved them because of the happiness that I got from him. Mrs Kati Zsigó


I am Mrs Kati Zsigó, applied folk artist. I live in Kecskemét.

When I was a child, my mother always used to say: a woman is beautiful when she does handicraft.

First, it seemed like a chore but I soon realized the beauty hidden within and started drawing patterns myself.

The love of beauty allured me and the cognition of the new motivated me back then and even today.

My true, innate self – the joy of creating, the preservation of traditions, teaching, humbly showing myself, my talent in front of the audience, hoping that they can find joy in it.


A W A R D S: 

§  1995 Applied Folk Artist (Népi Iparművész cím)

§ In 2009, in Dubai, I was CHOSEN AS ONE OF THE FIVE BEST EGG DECORATORS IN THE WORLD! IN EUROPE I was chosen as THE BEST EGG DECORATOR because I represented not only my country, but all of Europe in Dubai. I enjoyed first class service. They displayed my art and I gave presentations. Emirates TV made several TV programs with me and I was interviewed by newspapers... The proof of my success and the recognition of my talent is that I was invited again to Dubai.

§ In 2018, I received 4 awards in 3 months: I received the MASTER OF KECSKEMÉT Award (Kecskemét Mestere díj); I won the PRIMA AWARD (Prima díj) in the category of Hungarian Folk Art and Community Culture with the highest recognition, because the award was voted for by the PUBLIC. Also in this year, MY WORK was declared a NATIONAL VALUE. I would like to say thank you for considering me! I continue to aim to be worthy of awards with my humanity and my creations.

§ "In 2019, the Harmony Award (Harmónia-díj) was given to Mrs Kati Zsigó applied folk artist, the queen of egg decoration by Dr László Salacz, who is a Member of the Hungarian Parliament. MRS KATI ZSIGÓ IS THE AMBASSADOR OF LOVE, KINDNESS AND HARMONY. The Harmony Award is the award of kindness, beauty, placidity, love and peace. The Society of the Rose Ladies votes on the award every 2 years by a secret ballot.”

§ In 2011, a documentary was filmed about me, titled: The Queen of egg decorating, on happiness and art (A Tojásdíszítés Királynője, a boldogságról és művészetről). It was recorded on a 24 carat golden disc. It is available in 5 languages on YouTube.

§ In 2013, at Christmas, I was chosen as being among the biggest people of the country by my dear author friend, András Sándor. To my delight, he wrote about me in one of his books. You can get to know me if you read it! Google: In-depth interview with Mrs Kati Zsigóné (Mélyinterjú Zsigóné Kati).


§ I became the Person of the Day.

§ I have a collection of patterns of Hungarian folk motifs that I have drawn.


1.  I decorate eggs. I decorate nearly 300 types of eggs with more than 20 techniques. I work with hen, duck, goose, emu and ostrich eggs, but I will decorate any kind of egg. I create Easter eggs that are unique in the world. The media calls me “The Country’s Bunny” and “The Queen of Egg Decorating”. Painting, decorating, and creating Easter eggs give me unparalleled joy.

2.     I paint coffered ceilings with oil paint. This unique work of art is very valuable because it survives for centuries. Putting up a coffered ceiling is quick, it doesn’t require restructuring, and it is easy to keep clean. If you are thinking about getting this special beauty, we will surely find you one at an appropriate price. It is essential in the work of interior designers, decorators, production designers. The surprising beauty of ceiling rosettes will fascinate everyone. 

3.     I paint pictures with oil paint. Mostly horse themed pictures. I also enjoy painting landscapes, Hungary’s native animals, sacred icons, birds, etc.

4.     I paint glass and decorate it with icons.

5.     I paint folk furniture.

6.     I embroider tablecloths, blouses, vests.

7.     I decorate pots: I paint and scratch plates and vases.

8.     I paint walls with Kalocsa motif.     


I OPENED MY Easter egg EXHIBITION in my own home in 2014.

FIVE TYPE OF EVENTS: 1. I hold presentations on egg decorating techniques. 2. I teach Easter egg decorating and all the other techniques. 3. I give presentations on loving Easter and Easter eggs. 4. I hold recreational family afternoons. 5. EXTRAORDINARILY, you can visit the home of an Applied Folk Artist and see the 8 branches of art that I practice, and the unforgettable experience of my EASTER EGG EXHIBITION.

I ALSO PROVIDE MY SERVICE TO: schools, kindergartens, cultural centres, pensioners, hotels, shopping centres, companies, private individuals, foreigners, big businesses, tourism centres, etc.

DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN GROUPS receive individual treatment by “The Queen of egg decorating”.

The museum programs provide my visitors with mental and spiritual enrichment.

ENJOYABLE GUIDED TOUR! AT MY EASTER EGG EXHIBITION you can see several unique, exquisite artworks.




R E G I S T E R  A T: Phone: +36 30 214 98 01


§ I appear in the media since 1993. During this time, because of egg decorating:

·      I appeared in hundreds of newspapers, magazines and on magazine covers.

·   I get interviewed on the radio, where the listeners can win my artworks.

·       At Easter, I appear on the biggest Hungarian and foreign TV shows: Fábry Show, Big Brother Show, Ridikül, Kívánság kosár, etc. see the MEDIA menu entry. With this, I can convey my message of loving tradition, and show my unique creations.

§ My Easter egg exhibition was open in: Halas, Brussels, the Danish Cultural Institute, Dubai, and Herend, exhibited alongside the famous Herend Porcelain.

§ At Easter, I host TV shows and events in department stores. I teach Easter egg decorating; I give presentations, mostly in my own home, but also in schools, hotels, events, etc.

§ On the topic of Easter and Easter eggs, I have three published books; the first one was also translated to German.

§ In 2018, I created the EASTER EGG OF THE HUNGARIAN NATION for Easter. The Egg of the Country connects to the history of our nation, to Easter, to the celebration of our statehood, and to the Hungaricums with its message. Its principal goal lies in the power of HUNGARIAN UNITY!

IT IS A WORLD-CLASS ARTWORK because it was created using 11 decorating techniques, and it has 79 symbols, with 16 pure gold horseshoes, which makes one feel homesick...

MY GOAL with the Egg of the Country is for it to become a national value of Hungary, and to be exhibited, so that everyone can see our country’s pride and priceless treasure.

I was self-motivated to create the EGG OF THE HUNGARIAN NATION. I wanted to express the fate and history of the Hungarian people with it so that it can warm the heart of every Hungarian. The Hungarian Egg will forever tell our and our ancestors’ tales to the world loud and clear with motifs, symbols and images. I hope that the Egg of the Country can provide an unforgettable experience for everyone with its beauty, peculiarity, curious workmanship and expansiveness.                                                                                

§  For Easter in 2019, I created THE TALKING EGG, with 348 symbols and signs used by our ancestors. I created the Talking Egg because I believe that it has brought significant progress in Hungarian Applied Folk Art and thus it is a form of value preservation.

§ After my wedding anniversary, Easter is the most beautiful celebration of the year for me! People flock to me from all over the globe to sprinkle me with cologne. ON EASTER MONDAY I WELCOME EVERY MAN – small and big – WITH LOVE.

§ I still aspire to create artworks that augment our national treasure. I wish to create valuable Easter eggs that last for centuries. I want to bring joy to my fellow man. Maybe then, my life was not in vain, because I left something behind that the posterity can use to build, and something that touched the hearts of people.

§ I believe that Hungary’s future lies in the present. This future is dependent on the education of the youth. The values created in the past make sense only if today there is someone who can carry forward our traditions.

§ In my private life I can say that I am a content, healthy, highly successful, happy, balanced person. I am lucky to have been able to be with my mother until she was 95 years old. I have a sweet daughter, who is my soul mate. On January 3rd, 2013 my dear granddaughter, baby Panna was born. Since May 7th, 1977 I have the best husband in the world! He is my love, my everything. I admire him. I have never met a better person... In 2017, on our 40th wedding anniversary, we renewed our vows before the Creator. In 2018, on our 41st wedding anniversary, the city of Kecskemét invited us to say our vows again as guests of honour during a Guinness record attempt of the civil wedding of 63 couples. In 2020, MTV (the Hungarian National TV), M5 TV and Kecskemét TV interviewed us about our 43 years of dream marriage and the Week of Marriage program.   



you can see several unique, exquisite artworks.



THE MUSEUM and the programs are available all years round!


Phone: +36 30 214 98 01

E-mail: muvesz@zsigonekati.com


Interview with the Queen of Egg 

Decorating, Mrs Kati Zsigó

"I hope my hometown, Kecskemét is proud of me.

Kecskemét-based folk artist Mrs Kati Zsigó is a true adorer of life. Her childhood wasn’t privileged, but thanks to her endurance, she overcame all her difficulties. Driven by challenges, Kati practices 8 branches of art, one of them being egg decorating that brought her worldwide fame and recognition. With regard to Easter, we had a lovely conversation with her about her passion: egg decorating.

Kati, the artist

Where did the idea of egg decorating come from?

I was decorating our home when my husband suggested that I should paint flowers on the empty walls. Soon I discovered art’s inherent beauty. When I am in the process of egg decorating, I feel positive energies flowing towards me, it helps recharging my batteries.

What decorating techniques do you apply?

I master nearly 30 decorating techniques which is quite a lot. I’ve learned them all by myself. Carving is hard, while decorating eggs with horseshoes (without nails) can be nerve-racking. The rest of the techniques are not too complicated; most of the time I choose scratching. I work with hen, duck, goose, emu and ostrich eggs.

The Egg of the Hungarian Nation

Do you follow any trends?

Talking about the aesthetics of Easter eggs, one must follow traditions not trends. At night when I am fantasizing about my future projects, and a challenging idea comes to my mind, I know I shall set to work upon it. Once I put my mind to something, I will go through with it.

How long does it take to perfect a given technique?

Well, it depends on which technique we are talking about. Learning to colour with wax, for instance, took me only a few days. After seeing only once how it is done, I went home and waxed 480 eggs obsessively. I hardly slept during that time.

Can you tell us about some unique experiences?

A Hungarian TV channel invited me to paint a 2-meter egg in front of a live audience. It also happened that a hotel owner sheikh offered me a 1-year contract to decorate eggs with golden horseshoes in Dubai. I was called to teach there too. One time a decorated egg was ordered from Sydney, for a collector’s birthday. No gemstones, nothing special, only my art on a simple goose egg, and they paid nearly 540 EUR for it. As far as I know, the collector liked it so much he keeps it in a prominent place in his home.

Do you have a personal favourite among the eggs you decorated?

There are two, actually. For last Easter I created the Egg of the Hungarian Nation (Magyar Nemzet Tojása – it’s actually up for sale! – the ed.) that I am very proud of. This Easter I came up with an even more complex idea: a bigger ostrich egg decorated with 348 ancient folk symbols. I named it “Beszélő Tojás” (literally translates to talking egg – the ed.) because it interprets the story of our ancestors. Both of these eggs are of an enormous intrinsic value and deserve to enrich the nation’s cultural treasure.

Kati and the “Beszélő Tojás”

What is your most significant achievement?

Having been invited to Dubai a few years ago where I was chosen one of the top 5 egg decorators in the world is among my most precious memories. I was recognized both professionally and morally. In Hungary they call me the Queen of Egg Decorating, I made the egg of the Hungarian nation in 2018. I hope my hometown, Kecskemét is proud of me and my work; I established an egg exhibition which attracts visitors from all around the world. Seeing those mesmerized faces reminds me that I am not living my life in vain. Through my art I leave something behind that touches people.

In your case what is the key to success?

When I was a child, I was bullied and got no emotional support from my family. I lived in constant tension. Now I am the happiest person on the globe. I practise humility. My husband plays an inevitable role in my success; he has been with me for 42 years, he is my rock, my everything. Also, I believe that only people in the right state of mind can create something really beautiful. My most outstanding art pieces were created when I felt I could hug everyone and make them as happy as I am.



My art originates from the affection of the roots and today it’s fed by my family's, my environment's affection. Living together with folk art is a basic element of my lifestyle, like laughing as well. I am Kati Mrs Zsigó, a folk applied artist.

I live in Kecskemét. My mother was repeating in my childhood: a woman is nice, if she does embroidery. At first it seemed to be compulsory, but I soon sensed the bliss residing in this activity and I myself started drawing samples. I was attracted by the affection of beautiful and motivated by the cognition of new things, it was true then and it’s true even today. The real, born with me identity – the joy of creation, nursing of traditions, teaching, showing myself with humility, unfolding my talent before the honoured audience, people may delight in them.


1. egg decoration with more than 20 techniques, I prepare nearly 300 kinds of Easter eggs. I’m working on hen, duck, goose, emu and ostrich egg, however I decorate any kind of eggs! I also prepare such Easter eggs, which are unique in the whole world. The media calls me as „the country’s Bunny” or „Queen of egg decoration”. The paintig and decoration of eggs and especially preparing of Easter eggs fill me with a kind of joy, which I cannot compare to other things.

2. I paint    coffered ceilings with oil. This is an odd creation in its way. It has a stable value, because it endures until centuries. The loading of coffered ceiling is easy and doesn’t require relocation and it can be groomed easily. Someone, who is thinking about having this extraordinary beauty, can surely find an appropriate one also in price. It’s essential for work of inner architects, designers, interiors, decorators and spectacle designers. By me are 60 cassettes visible, with different motives. Everybody is fascinated by the surprising beauty of the rosette ceiling.

3. I paint pictures with oil. Mostly rider topic pictures. I also like painting landscapes, Hungary's indigenous animals, devotional pictures, bird pictures, etc.?

4. I paint glass: I decorate it with icons

5. I paint folk art furniture.

6. Embroideries: I prepare tablecloths, blouses, waistcoats.

7. Decorated pots: I paint and scrape plates, vases.

8. I paint onto walls: with Kalocsa motives.

– I’m deeply interested in the: secret of happy life and alternative medicine.  
– I’m occupied by good family life. Couples visit me because of counsel.    
- I am active in tourism with pleasure due to my manifold work.

Program: I keep exhibitions, I teach the Easter egg painting and egg decoration. I give a lecture with a title the affection of the Easter and Easter egg. I organize recreational family afternoons. You can visit the Easter egg museum at my home as well. National and international groups are welcomed here - fulfilling all claims. After seeing the museum program; my visitors leave getting richer by knowledge.
Log in for inspection of my Easter egg exhibition giving an unforgettable sensation!          Phonenumber: +36 30 214 98 01

I’ve appeared in the media since 1993. In connection with Easter egg decoration:   

I appeared meanwhile in more hundreds newspapers, - even on the title page of magazines. 

Reports are made with me in radios and listeners can win painted eggs. At Easter time I appear in thmost popular television programes: Fábry show, Purse, Wish basket etc. watch it in the MEDIA menu. At this time my egg painting and my most popular creation: the Easter egg can be seen by many people from the country.

- In 2009, in Dubai I was chosen AMONG the world's five best egg decorators! In Europe I became the best egg decorator, because in Dubai I represented not only my country, but whole Europe as well. I enjoyed a first class catering. My creations were exhibited and I was presenter of previews. Emirates TV prepared more television programs with me, and I gave an interview to newspapers... As my success’ justificative and my talent's acknowledgement; I was newer invited by the Arabics.

– At the end 2011 a film was made of me with a title; a portrait film from the happiness and art – in 5 languages (Hungarian, English, German, Italian, French). You can watch it on Youtube: „The Queen of the egg decoration”: Kati Mrs Zsigó.

– At Christmas 2013 my kind friend, the writer András Sándor selected me into the greatest people of the country. For my pleasure he also wrote about me in his book. You can recognize me from it! Google: Profound interview with Kati Mrs Zsigó.

- I’ve already had an Easter egg exhibiton: in Brussels, in the Danish Institute of Culture, in Dubai and in Herend my works of art were exhibited together with world-famous Herend porcelan.

- At Easter I am the host of programs: in the television and big department stores. I teach Easter egg painting, - I give lectures, and -  I keep shows mostly at my home, but also in schools and cultural centres, etc.

– In Easter egg and Easter topic three of my books were published, the first was also published in German.

– My SAMPLE TREASURE COLLECTION; I drew it with my own hands. It contains nearly 3500 motives. There you can find painting samples as well …

 - After my wedding anniversary, the most beautiful holiday of the year for me is Easter! People want to sprinkle me, they are gathering from all over the world.


– Furthermore I intend to create masterpieces of my work, that enrich our national treasure in the future. Creating so valuable Easter eggs, which remain until centuries. I would like to give my fellowmen pleasure with them. I did not live possibly in vain, because I left something, on which the posterity may be based, and with which I may touch people’s heart.

– As my privacy I can tell you, I’m a satisfied, healthy, exceptionally successful, happy, balanced personality. - So far, because „the wheel turns”… 
- I’m lucky, because I could stay by my mother until her age of 95. I have a very kind daughter, who is my spiritual companion.
- On 03-01-2013 my lovely granddaughter, baby Panna was born!
- Since 07. May 1977 the world’s best husband is mine! He is my love, my everything. I love him until adoration. I have never met a better person, than he.