Zsigóné Kati

„The Queen of Eggs-decorating”

Oil Paintings

No matter, what kind of creative activity I practice, joy overcomes me, I smile, I’m humming and singing until the work is finished. With painting it is the same. Then I feel so immeasurable peacefulness and happiness in me, so that I could embrace the whole world. I hope, this beaming happiness comes round, (it can be seen) on my pictures. I like trying myself, so I started painting pictures. I do not consider myself as a painter. If I’m touched by a topic, I paint this. It doesn't matter, whether it was born in my brain or it is based on photograph, whether I noticed it possiblyon the soft lap of the nature. I do it because of amusement and relaxation. The topic of my pictures is complex, because I’m interested in many areas. FIRST OF ALL I LIKE PAINTING PICTURES WITH HORSES!

Among my paintings you can also find: devotional pictures, Hungary's indigenous animals (lambs, Hungarian oxes, etc.), landscapes, bird pictures, still lifes … For me understandable paintings are beautiful. My paintings are painted by oil, so their beauty is kept in an original state for a long time. Because of this it’s a very good investment, worthy to shop!

I paint my pictures also onto my own joy, I feel the real success if my works are bought, because I know for sure, people like what I do. My paintings are mainly bought by foreigners, because they know me better. I hope, my beautiful homeland will recognise me from this side as well through the Internet.
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E-mail: muvesz@zsigonekati.com