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„The Queen of Eggs-decorating”

Easter egg

         - I decorate eggs with more than 20 techniques, I prepare nearly 300 kinds of Easter eggs. I’m working on hen, duck, goose, emu and ostrich egg, however I decorate any kind of eggs! The media calls me as „the country’s Bunny” or „Queen of egg decoration”. The paintig and decorating of eggs and especially preparing of Easter eggs fill me with a kind of joy, which I cannot compare to other things.

         - In 2009, in Dubai I was chosen under the world’s five best egg decorators! In Europe I became the best egg decorator, because in Dubai I represented not only my country, but whole Europe as well. I enjoyed a first class catering. My creations were exhibited and I was presenter of previews. Emirates TV prepared more television programs with me, and I gave an interview to newspapers... As my success’ justificative and my talent's acknowledgement; I was newer invited by the Arabics. 



             - Three of my book have been published so far in topics Easter, egg painting, egg decorating, one of them in German as well.

             - In details: under the menu called My books. Few egg decorating techniques: painted, waxed, jagged, scraped, shod, inlayed, corroded …

             - I also prepared such Easter eggs, which are unique in whole world. For example: graved, carved eggs or as light as air worked out, engraved – lacy eggs. I carved „The last dinner” of Leonardo da Vinci onto eggshell. My embroidered eggs are odd pieces and the most valuable ones! I painted 1 and 2 metre eggs in the television and I intend to paint bigger too. I shod with gold and silver horseshoe. I prepare eggs with 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 techniques …                   As I was searching through many years, - I know exactly, „written” signs on Easter eggs have special meaning – they tell us about the ideas of our ancestors. Therefore they possess a goodwill value.

    WRITTEN SIGNS ON EASTER EGGS HELP US TO REACH OUR GAINS, such as: love, health, became good leaders, beside these they transmit also a message, etc. Our ancestors deeply believed in the message of the written signs on Easter Eggs! On Easter Monday, during shows and other occasions, I draw signs onto Easter eggs: fulfilling the requests of my sprinklers.

             - Easter egg is a symbol of birth, universe and globe. It has also religious impulse. Easter eggs transmit positive energy towards us. Let’s have many of them in our home and environment, because our ancestors believed in their magic.  

             - After time my Easter egg creations have greater values! The more expensive and valuable ones are mostly bought by collectors and investors! My creations can be found everywhere in the world.

             - YOU CAN GIFT PAINTED EGGS ONTO ANY KIND OF ILLUSTRIOUS EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: Personalized Easter eggs are bought onto birthdays, for employees, groups’ members of foreign countries, onto Valentine’s day, namedays, wedding anniversaries and onto many other occasions. It is also possible to write a little personalized text onto them.

             - An eternal memory and unforgettable sensation was given for guests by a German newly married couple, - who made me prepare the Easter eggs as presents for their guests invited for the wedding party. Sitting down at the table for dinner, a personalized, scratched Easter egg with uniqe pattern waited for them – in transparent attractive packaging. As I know, this unique memory was preserved in a showcase.

    You can make a selection for your joy, from many hundred Easter eggs! 
    Surprise your beloved and let’s have unique and 
    valuable Easter egg of your own from the queen of egg decoration.

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    E-mail: muvesz@zsigonekati.com