Zsigóné Kati

„The Queen of Eggs-decorating”

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+36 30 214 98 01

What is said by the others?

„I got acquainted with Kati in connection with a television program, where I – however being an actor – acted as an anchorman. It’s so interesting to have the same wavelength with somebody, but I can surely submit, this happened to us. Probably because of the identical view of life and values. The positive attitude to the world, to each other, the openness towards other people, in my opinion these are things, which connect us, however we only sometimes meet personally. Dear Kati! Remain like this among your beloved for a long time, in health and hapiness!”

– ÁDÁM LUX actor –

„What Kati doesn’t know about egg decoration, it’s not worth to know”

– ANDRÁS CSONKA actor, reporter, singer –

„The miracle being” Kati is master of those eight artistic branches, which are made by her! I myself would rather tell about, what kind of personality she is. She is the most unselfish person, who I have ever known. Besides she is the kindest one as well. As a friend you can rely on her everytime. It was no question, I give a place for this miracle being in my book, where you can find a collection of interviews. There is no other attribute for her, because Kati is the miracle itself. One of the most direct chapters of the 3.book in Intense interviews is hers. You should be very grateful, if she accepts you as a friend. I’m in the best situation, because I’m a good friend of Kati for my biggest honour. Every encounter is a nice experience, I learn a lot from her and her husband, Józsi as well. What’s more as icing on the cake, she cooks perfectly.”

– ANDRÁS SÁNDOR writer, journalist, radioman and television anchorman –