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Coffered ceiling

Click onto the link below and you can watch the movie about ceiling painting.  

          – Now, here will be spoken about such of my work, which many people would like, they are craving for it, but only few of them may call it their own. On one  hand, because it is believed, that it costs a fortune, however it is sold for a REASONABLE PRICE, on the other hand people believe, it is very difficult to obtain it, because it is prepared only by few artisans. Because of this, the usage of coffered ceiling is; for work of inner architects, designers, interiors, decorators and spectacle designers necessary.

         - A coffered ceiling produced in my home has: representer character and it is definitely reference work. It provides also help for customers by selecting a SAMPLE, because 60 kinds of samples are available. Furthermore, coffered ceiling is one of my museum programs! Onto the amazement of guests visiting me.

         - The LOADING OF ROSETTES is fast, it requires any kind of relocation and it can also be GROOMED easily.

         - The coffered ceiling is APPLICABLE: in hotels, restaurants, homes, conference rooms, churches, conference halls, taverns, cake shops, offices, shops, fitness studios, consulting rooms at the physician’s, waiting rooms, at airports ..., in children's room and in all exclusive places.

         - We may have a coffered ceiling made; for our own joy, because living in such environment is really elevating. WE KNOW, what is beautiful for the eye, makes the soul happy and can affect our health positively as well.

         - Rosette ceiling is also an EXCELLENT INVESTMENT from business point of view, because:

         1. The beauty of coffered ceiling has been roared unbrokenly through centuries, in this way the name of the manufacturer was  propagated, so he/she could step onto the path of desired immortality.

         2. The value of coffered ceiling becames year by year bigger, kneading the customer's purse. 

- Inner architects, designers, interiors, interior decorators, spectacle designers may select at me from the imaginative, beautiful rosettes.

Don’t miss it and live in such fabulously beautiful environment!

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