Zsigóné Kati

„The Queen of Eggs-decorating”


If you want to know more about me, here you can watch a movie and read, what was written in the book about me:

         - 1: At the end of 2011 a portrait movie was shot in 5 languages (Hungarian, English, German, Italian, French); with the title – Portrait movie about hapiness and art. Watch it on YouTube: „The queen of egg decorating”: Kati Mrs Zsigó.

         – 2: At Christmas 2013 I was chosen between the country’s greatest personalities by my dear friend, András Sándor. For my big pleasure he also wrote about me in one of his books. Google: Profound interview with Kati Mrs Zsigó.

In the media I have appeared since 1993. In connection with Easter egg decoration a lot of interviews have been given to newspapers, radio and also television channels.

– about me was published on the title page of magazines...   - In radios reports are made with me and listeners can win some of my works

- through Easter and Easter egg; I appeared in television programs many times throughout the year.

I have already appeared almost in every Hungarian channel, but also in abroad!

- An incredible happiness for me, I was invited into the most popular TV program, into the Fábry show.                                                                                     – Into the most notorious program, the Big Brother show.                            – I also appeared in: Fit for the day, At noon, Morning show, Lottery-wheel, Good Morning Hungary, Focus, in the news etc. many times

– Within a half an hour television program – at my home – I was cooking together with Péter Budai celebrity chef 

– with a reporter Csaba Gyetyán: in the National tourism!

– as a guest in the Wish basket: with József Asbóth and Noémi Morvai …

- with Gabriella Jakupcsek in The purse.

– In a witty live show called Morning Show I acted together with Balázs Sebestyén and Ferenc Rákóczi. I was called back into the show.

– My first job as a presenter was in the Csepel shopping mall: with Áron Kovács.  

– So, there are some celebrities, who I appeared in common programs with, without the claim of completeness:  Adam Lux, Andras Csonka, Balint Farkas, Viktor Varga, Attila Varkonyi, Andras Stohl, Lilu, Robi Alfoldi, Laszlo B Toth, Andras Sandor, Dorottya Radvanyi, Regina Dukai, Nora Szily, Peter Cseke, Philip Rakai, Kata Jaksity, Levente Harsanyi, Kristof Nemet, Eva Barabas, Györgyi Szöllösi Claudia Liptai, Bela Paudits, Kata Csongrádi

         I can tell you, there is a good relationship between me and the media. Let it be director, makeup designer, celebrity or reporter, - apart from my family -  most of my spiritual companions are from these areas mentioned above.

         I would be happy, if I never appeared in a show, but: to tell the truth, I like acting and media loves me too, because it employs me a lot!

         I like: challenge, tasks, spontaneity, new things and live programs. I like dazzling my audience.

         A real talent is needed for the audience's long-term conquest! We get it neither in schools, nor at universities, - the situation is the same as with intelligence: we are born with it. Beside this, variety and flexibility are very important, you should and you also dare to be yourself! Kati.

         The media calls me as „the country’s Bunny” and „Queen of egg decorating”.

         The paintig and decoration of eggs and especially preparing of Easter eggs fill me with a kind of joy, which I cannot compare to other things. I’m trying to be fit physically and psychically as well: I regulary do several exercises such as cycling, walking, sauna, roller-blading, I love dancing (mainly rocky) … In fact, I’m not so young any more in point of my age, however I feel myself young and fit. This glowy dynamism comes well by moderator jobs in TV programs and another performances as well.

However the best thing, when – through the media -  I have opportunity to give something from my talent and point of view to the audience. In this way I possibly touch the soul of the audience and draw their attention …

In return I CAN FEEL, which was given only few people: real SUCCESS, which is supported by love of the audience. Anyway I hope, I will not be forgotten by anybody, because people live until their remembrance lives. I hope, my creations will remain until centuries.

Phonenumber: +36 30 214 98 01

E-mail: muvesz@zsigonekati.com