Zsigóné Kati

„The Queen of Eggs-decorating”

Egg decoration

Egg painting program, - common egg painting, egg decoration; „With the queen of egg decoration”.

You can choose from 3 techniques

1. Egg painting; with Hungarian motive.

2. Egg waxing; with folk motives.

3. Egg scratching; onto painted eggs.

Everybody can take home his prepared egg. To egg painting, egg waxing and egg scratching all the necessary accessories are ensured by me. Price of common egg decoration: Price of  a visit: 1-4 persons = 25 EUR. 

Over 15 persons = 5 EUR/person, (or HUF), - however if you buy a little souvenir in addition; you do not have to pay for entrance. Beside these; over 15 persons you get a fried dough for free of charge!

Come, surprise yourself or your beloved with the Easter egg prepared by you! You’ll notice, creating means joy.
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Phonenumber: +36 30 214 98 01

E-mail: muvesz@zsigonekati.com